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LITTLE WARS is a turn based wargame. In the main campaign, you choose to play as either the Cool Corps or the Pretty Committee and try to cleanse the lands of all the yucky gross monsters that plague them.

Game Plan

Here, I will explain exactly why Little Wars will be awesome. The name of the game is, it's a simple game but one that is new to most players. Our goal is GET THEM TO LOVE IT, then sell them more content.

  • We have a fully playable and very re-playable war-game. It has a semi-linear campaign with score based results, and the ability to play custom battles.
  • The game is a FREE DOWNLOAD, fully functional, and ready to rock. We want people to dive into our game and LOVE IT, so that they will engage in...
  • Has social elements such as achievements, SOME level of facebook connectivity, high score boards, forums, etc.
  • We will have lots and lots of really GOOD DLC. DLC that we ourselves would gladly pay for. here's some examples of things we can sell
  • A new Race (more than once)
  • A new Campaign (more than once)
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Other special game modes
  • Probably 5 other things we'll think of while producing the game

All of these can be really fairly priced and we'll get a ton of people to buy it, because it will expand the game they already love. That's the KEY. No one is going to buy shit for a game they don't love which is why giving the full original game for free is smart.

Game Concepts

Gameplay - Overall gameplay description.

Overmap - Explanation of the overmap where you select missions

Units - an explanation of what units ARE.

Races - Brief listing of races and what they are.





Content & Specifics

Campaign - Detailed Description of the first island campaign.

Cool Corps

Pretty Committee