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Game Modes[edit]

These game modes are selected from the highest (starting) branch in the menu.

Profile Creation / Switching[edit]

Here is where you can create a profile. This will keep all your save games, stats, achievements and any unlockable stuff. You can create as many profiles as you want, although most people will just make one and build on it.

Single Player Campaign[edit]

  • Two resources: Money, and Score. Money is used to buy units and items, and Score ranks your performance at the end of the game.
  • The campaign has four Continents, on each of which a series of about 10 or so missions take place.
  • You start out with a standard army (or you can possibly tweak this and create your own starting army) and zero money.
  • Completing missions in the campaign earns you money and points.
  • When you fail a mission, you take a score penalty, and the game is re-set to how it was before you tried the mission.
  • You receive a score bonus for completing the game. High scores are kept for game completion and for individual missions (based on how little damage you took, how fast you did it, etc)
  • Easy, Normal and possibly Hard mode campaigns will have a score that reflects the difficulty level.

Game Setup Screen

This is where you choose what kind of game you wish to play, and which faction / general you wish to play with.

Mission Selection

Functions like Final Fantasy Tactics. You can head forward on a generally linear path, with new missions at nodes. You can go level up and fight random battles on nodes you've already cleared.

See Missions.

Important Notes about SAVING, LOADING & LOSING in the Single Player Campaign.

  • You can only have one save file per campaign (IE no copies of a savegame).
  • Saving the game will also exit the game.
  • The game autosaves every turn.
  • The game autosaves when you win, or lose a mission.
  • The game autosaves when a unit dies.
  • When a unit dies, they are dead for good.
  • At any time, you can retreat from a battle by moving to the exit-hexes, which are near the spawn.

Single Player Custom[edit]

Here you can set up a single battle, randomly generated or on a specific map. It would be terribly easy to allow there to be a turn-taking, same-room multiplayer mode here for as many players as people want.

Tactical Screen[edit]

This is where actual gameplay occurs. Gameplay involves moving units, one at a time into positions, using abilities and attacking.


In single player mode, the player gets the first turn, and is able to move his units, attack, and use special abilities. He moves all of his units, and then the opposing army or armies move their units. Sometimes, there is a limit to the number of turns allowed before the mission ends in failure. During your turn, you may MOVE once, and ACTION (Attacks, and Abilities) once. Some abilities however, such as RESTING which almost all units have, takes up an entire turn, meaning it cannot be used if the unit moves.


On your turn, you can move your unit by a maximum amount of tiles. This is based on the "speed" of the unit, and what type of tiles must be traversed.

A huge exception to Movement is Zone of Control. This limits movement around enemy units.

Movement is performed as such: Select the unit, then simply click on a tile in the highlighted available range. You should be able to take your move back by hitting ESC, unless you have revealed enemy units with your move.

Attacks are performed by attempting to move a unit onto another unit's tile.

Attacking ends your turn, so you can move then attack, or just attack.


All units have at least one Ability, some have several.

Most abilities function the same way, but a few are exceptions. Most function like Attacking in that they end your turn, but some allow you to move and even attack afterward.


Resting is an ability that pretty much every unit has. It will heal all "wounded" inside the unit, but it cannot heal "killed". It will also restore morale to full. If an enemy unit is adjacent, it will only heal ONE wounded, but still restore morale. For Heroes or other "single unit" type units, Resting always heals to full, because no units are ever Killed. ทีเด็ดบอลชุด