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"Units" are the little icons that you actually interact with and move around on the tactical battle screens. They are comprised of usually 10 individuals. This number is known as their Count and functions similarly to Health.

When a unit engages another unit, both units deal one attack-roll per count. Each attack has a 10% chance to kill, and a 35% chance to wound by default, but this number is modified by the units attack and the enemy unit's defense scores.

Only healthy individuals (not dead or wounded) get to do an attack. Wounded individuals can be brought back by Resting which takes a full turn. Dead individuals are brought back at the end of a battle, which causes the unit to lose some XP.

Some units have the "A Single Entity" ability (Heroes always do). This makes them a special type of unit which deal their MaxCount amount of attacks no matter how many current active count they have. They also have special abilities. They can never receive "Kills".

Unit Class Properties[edit]

Units all function the same way and have the same set of stats. Here I'll have their properties listed for the UNIT class.

Cost = How much the unit costs to purchase. If you purchase them in battle they are usually twice the price.

MaxCount = This is the amount that the unit starts with, and it can never exceed this amount.

AttackType = The type is Melee, Ranged, or Siege. In order to counter-attack, you need to have the same kind of attack type.

  • Ranged - Archery and other ranged types of attack, including some magical attacks. Only other Ranged units can counter attack this.
  • Melee - This is the basic close up type of attack.
  • Siege - This attack is the only one that can attack from a distance. Only Siege can counter attack this. This attack type also ignores defenses from FORTS.

AttackRange = This is generally 1 for all units except Siege units, for which it is 3.

Attack = This modifies your chance to hit in battle, and is from 1-5.

Armor = This modifies your chance to be hit in battle and is from 1-5.

Speed = This indicates the number of tiles a unit can move in one turn on the map.

Vision = This indicates how far the unit can see, in number of tiles.

Movement Type = This indicates what type of movement (Foot, Wheel, Wing, Mount) the unit has. Different terrain types are easier for different movement types to move through.

Abilities = This is a list of abilities that the unit can use. Having a Magical attack (ignores armor), a heal spell, or anything else.

Unit Object Properties[edit]

These are properties which are not contained in the unit-type class, but rather in a specific unit object during combat.

Count = Quantity of individuals inside a unit. Begins as 10. If an individual dies, the count is reduced by one. Count can be restored at the end of a battle (at cost of XP), and can also be restored by combining two units (averages out XP).

Experience = This is a number that counts up as the unit does battle from 0 to 100. When it reaches 100, the unit gets a new Rank (Level). When a unit is combined with another unit of the same kind to refill its COUNT, the experience is averaged out. After a battle, a unit who has had individuals die, is replenished. This removes some experience from the unit, however it cannot de-level in rank, even if it goes below the threshold.

Rank = There are three levels. Each new level gives the unit minor stat boosts. Having high ranked units in the party increases everyone's morale slightly. The ranks are:

  • Regular = Most units start out this way. 0 Exp required.
  • Veteran = +1 Armor, +1 Attack, +5 Starting Morale. 200 Exp required.
  • Elite = +2 Armor, +2 Attack, +10 Starting Morale. 1000 Exp required.

Wounded = Number of individuals in a unit currently WOUNDED. WOUNDED units cannot fight, but can be restored to healthy ones by RESTING.

Dead = Number of individuals in a unit currently DEAD. DEAD units cannot fight, and can't be restored until after the battle, except for at forts, which costs money.

Morale = This determines the unit's effectiveness and also his chance to "break" when attacked. This ranges from 0 to 150, and by default starts at 100. See more here: Morale.

Buffs = A list of Any status modifiers placed on the unit, such as Death Wounds, Haste, Anti-Magic Shell, etc.