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Initial Game Functionality[edit]

  • Title screen, from which you can select various options
  • Change profile, which is used to store all your unlocks and achievements and saved game(s)
  • Begin New Game
  • Continue Saved Game
  • Options - sound options, Tutorial Mode on/off, etc
  • Exit

Game Setup Screen[edit]

  • Select Race (People, Bug-People)
  • Perhaps play intro movie based on your race
  • Buy Additional Units (Town's Barracks functionality) (Perhaps with some Tutorial mode explanations happening)
  • Buy Additional Items (Town's shop functionality) (Perhaps with some Tutorial mode explanations happening)
  • Go to Overmap

Overmap Functionality[edit]

  • Overmap loads an Overmap file. There will be several "continents" to take over, each with its own Overmap file. More Here Overmap.
  • The overmap file contains several nodes. Most of these nodes are always connected, but must be unlocked by beating each individual mission (sends you to Gameplay map). There are also secret hidden nodes which only reveal under certain circumstances.
  • When each continent's final battle is cleared, it plays a cutscene movie, probably just some text over a picture to further the "story" which will be very vague. Really it's just a way to mark a milestone for the player. Then it moves the the next continent (you can't go back)
  • There are buttons on this screen which allow you to configure your army - basically just remove units, get info about them, rename them, and equip them with items.
  • Winning a battle at a main-mission node grants your Warlord Notoriety. Winning any battle grants your Warlord (and all your units) experience also, which increases the effectiveness of his Ability, and also gives him Training Points. Training Points are added to unit EXP that they recover from beating missions
  • Moving costs a small amount of Notoriety. If Notoriety goes below a certain point, and you lose a battle, you lose the game. There should be a warning about this when starting a "last chance" battle.

Town Functionality[edit]

  • Towns are entered by selecting a Town Node on the Overmap. Towns are just a menu, with a graphic.
  • Can select Barracks - Hire a random selection of units from your race here. They are added to your party but cost gold.
  • Can select Tavern - Get either side quests, or tips about the game here.
  • Can select Shop - Buy items from a random selection of items.
  • Once something is selected, the game is saved and that town cannot be used again.

Gameplay Functionality[edit]

  • Gameplay is entered by selecting a Mission Node on the Overmap
  • Gameplay which loads a map-file. Each tile should have tile data which is listed in Terrain.
  • Units should be placed on the map, according to the map file (for enemy / quest units) and according to the player's army
  • Player units can be moved and can attack other units, and use various abilities
  • Enemy units are similarly driven by a simple AI to try to kill the player.
  • Units should have the properties listed on Units.
  • Heroes should have the properties of units, but also additional special properties such as a unique name that can be renamed.
  • Your Warlord should be able to use their ability, if they have one, usually once per mission.