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Campaign-able Races[edit]

Only these races (cool corps & pretty committee) can be played in the campaign.

The Cool Corps[edit]

Infantry - Karate Man (Average Strength, faster)

Ranged - Robot (Weaker, more durable)

Air - Fighter Jet (Strong, expensive)

Siege - Tank (Weaker, more durable)

Mounted - Dinosaur (Average)

The Pretty Committee[edit]

Infantry - Baby Doll (Strong, Durable)

Ranged - Mermaid (Average, moves fast through any water)

Air - Butterfly (Weak, has an aura)

Mounted - Unicorn (Average, can teleport)

Caster - Princess (Weak has spells)

Non-Campaign Races[edit]

These races are generally only computer-controlled, but can be controlled in custom games/multiplayer.

The Undead[edit]

Infantry - Mummy

Ranged - Skeleton Archer

Air - Skybaby (weak, cheap)

Caster - Vampire

Mounted - Death Knight

The Bug-People[edit]

Infantry - Beetleman

Ranged - Pistolier (a pirate-ant)

Air - Bee

Caster - Grasshopper (in a wizard costume)

Mounted - Beetle Rider (ant riding a beetle)

The Monster Party[edit]

Infantry - Goblin (Super cheap)

Ranged - Slime Monster (Poison Shot, can reproduce)

Air - Dragon (Average)

Siege - Ogre (Strong)

Mounted - Warthog Rider (Average)