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Heroes are special units which appear during the campaign. They have specific names, but can be renamed.

They function exactly the same way as units, except that they have much more specific attributes.

For example, all Heroes have the Ability: ASingleEntity, which makes them immune to deaths. This way, they will always recover all their Count upon resting.

They function as Elite units in terms of Morale bonuses.

Sweet Tooth[edit]

Sweet Tooth is a military career man with a passion for Candy. He wants Candy so bad sometimes he is like "I think I taste candy, hey guys, anyone else taste candy?" but everyone else says no. He got kicked out of the Army for decimating the Candy supply depot, so now he's a mercenary.

He's an average strength, but reliable melee hero. He has an ability Sugar Rush, which costs Candy to cast, but gives him a stat bonus for a turn, the turn after which he will have lower stats (crash). This can be avoided by eating more candy each turn, but the crash will get worse and worse the longer he does this.

Join: Pay him (Candy)


ทีเด็ดบอลเต็ง วิเคราะห์บอล


Defender of underground wildlife. He can burrow in the ground to hide, and even travel while under the ground. He can only be seen by a creature with True Sight during this time, but he also cannot attack enemy units.

Join: Free

The Yarashi Man[edit]

Tommy Two-Holes[edit]